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Business Litigation Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida

Businesses interact with customers, employees, partners, investors, vendors, competitors, and more. Any one of these relationships could be the source of a business dispute. And, any given business dispute, can involve countless legal issues. Having experienced legal counsel, who can identify the issues, weigh the risks involved, and provide sound legal advice and counseling can make all the difference. Not only can it help you achieve the desired result with respect to the dispute at issue, but it can help you avoid similar legal disputes in the future.

Importantly, there is no one size fits all approach to litigating or defending a business dispute. What makes sense for one business may not be practical for another. The best strategy or course of action depends on a series of factors, including but not limited to, the facts, nature of the business, risk tolerance, financial means, and exposure. That is why it is important to tailor a strategy that uniquely matches the needs and goals of the company involved.

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Types of Business Disputes

Common business disputes involve the following:

  • Breach of contract

  • Fraud /misrepresentations

  • Breach of fiduciary duties

  • Business torts

  • Non-compete and non-solicitation violations

  • Partnership disputes

  • Real estate matters

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Insurance disputes

At Goldblatt Law, we provide the level of attention and detail necessary to analyze the factual and legal issues involved and to understand the functions of your business that may have an impact on the dispute. We work closely and collaboratively with you to formulate the best course of action based on the specific circumstances and your individualized needs and goals. If you are in the Boca Raton, Florida area or the surrounding areas of Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.